Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Job(s)

Jordan got the job with Namco. We're telling everyone he'll be working for Pac Man (not to be confused with the troubled Dallas Cowboy). He starts tomorrow (11/3) with training. It's a probationary format, but with a high retention rate. He informed us that he may be working 55 hours per week. That seems like a good thing, given he's single, he's got the energy plus mega school loans to pay off. We're extremely thankful and ask you to pray for him to work diligently for the one he represents as well as for those who are giving him a chance.

Teena starts tomorrow as Office Manager at Church of the Ascension Episcopal Church in Hickory. Teena was called by a temp agency that saw on her resume how she has worked in parish and ministry settings. The rector of COA googled "Teena Stewart" and asked to interview her. She met last Wednesday and was called Thursday to learn she was selected.

God's providence is curious. Teena was brought up Southern Baptist - But she met and married a man who's ecclesiastical roots were steeped in the "Whiskey-palion" church ("...wherever 2 or more are gathered, there's a fifth" - - bu-doomp Cheee!). Teena really enjoyed her conversation with the rector, Karla Woggon, and is enthused about working at COA.

We continue to see dispatched boats and helicopters. Thanks for your prayers.

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