Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dancing Over a Drain

Day 2 of the lease, I woke up at about 2:45 am thinking of the things that need to be done. Yesterday I had torn away a small bit of carpet and sprayed WD40 on the adhesive to see if I would be able to scrap it off. I came back today and found that the adhesive is easily broken down by this method and easy to remove.

One of my primary concerns is getting the old crap carpet up to find if we can use the slab as our floor, to see if the adhesive will come off ok - and - - perhaps, maybe hoping that I might find a drain close to the front of the store.

We've done everything we can to find the original plans for this space which seems to have been constructed in the late 60s to early 70s. No one knows where to find them and a woman at the city informed me that they were likely tossed. Our focus on finding the drain is based on concern that we would have to either run pipe the full length of the store (with no guarantee that we'd meet the pitch requirements), or have to excavate a lengthy trench to the back where drains are known to be. Finding a drain near the front would save us much money, labor and time.

Teena and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. We decided to go by the property to assess other tasks that need to be accomplished. While we were there I was tearing up the first part of carpet and some paper-thin linoleum near the front door, I discovered that the slab was covered with a layer of sealing paint on top of which previous tenants painted a tacky design with latex colors. Teena suggested I hammer at it to see if it would loosen. Sure enough some of it came off and I was able to take a wide blade putty knife to scrap more up. As I hammered and progressed, a rather large and thick chunk loosened with the putty knife. I grabbed the piece (which was about a foot in diameter) and pulled it up by hand.

All of the sudden I heard angels singing? They really didn't - but should have. VIOLA! A DRAIN!!! And one about 10 feet from where we need to tie in.

I am not one who worships very demonstratively, like some. IOW It's not often that I do a pentecostal boogie. But all of the sudden the fire of God's Spirit started singeing my soul as I was dancing over a drain shoutin' out: "Thank ya JEEE-sus! Thank ya JEEE-sus! Hallelujah - huh! Thank ya-Thank ya JEEE-sus!"

I'm starting to get this sense that there really is a God and we're really going to be taken care of.