Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"It's Perfect for Us"

...quoting Tessio (Abe Bagota)...

We haven't let interested readers (all __ of you) know that we diverted from the place we were looking at in August to another place right across the street from it. We were given a heads-up by the realtor about it since it had not yet been listed.

The space is much larger on one level and offered at a bargain basement price. It's also on the morning commuter side of the busiest north/south artery in Hickory. We will also be in advance of 2 major competitors who have challenging in/out access (although one purchased a drive-thru kiosk just north of us on the same side - but you can't come in and experience ambiance).

We had to pay for a second inspection that occured today. The personnel who were at our first inspection affirmed that the second space is much better suited to what we envision doing. It used to be a lamp shop called "The Shade Parlor." How do you like the photoshop insertion of our sign above the door I put in place of theirs?

As soon as we get the $$$ either from the approved loan we are awaiting, or word back from one that will give us more (?) we will set up signing the lease and then start doing the build-out.

As always: Pray - Pray - Pray. Thanks!

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