Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleared for Drywalling

I got to Java Journey shortly before 8 am to let 82-year old volunteer, Joe Guthrie, in so he could frame the doorway for the French doors. I knew the city inspector was coming later and I had to finish what he was going to review. We met Joe when he stopped by on a Saturday morning on July 18th when the youth from Trinity Church in Greensboro were volunteering. He told me he loved to work on things as a volunteer and gave me his number. After he finished the French door frame he asked: "What else you got?" I told him the other 3 door frames needed wood added, so he did that!

The inspector arrived while Joe was working on the other doors. I fully expected that we would be told to make a few adjustments and then call for a subsequent inspection. I was making haste taking into account the work to tweak everything and then be ready by the end of the week to be given a green light. The concern was brought on by the fact that 20-30 volunteers are scheduled to gather at 2149 N Center St on Sunday to put up sheetrock.

What a joyful surprise when the inspector spent about a total of fifteen minutes before saying: "I'll let you move on with this." Part of the time he looked at plans, wiring and plumbing, and asked a few questions. The rest was filled by conversation of our mutual enjoyment of music (I told him he looked like Peter Yarrow and found out he plays the drums).

Today was another big mile-marker day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Great People

How blessed we are with the new friends we have made. In another context of "building" I would merely consider the people who are involved on a professional level as - well "mere professionals."

But God has brought some special folks our way who possess gifts and talents that are enhancing the actuality of our vision and dream.

Here (in cinematic format) are the names of some great people.

Architect - Ed Lunow
Contractor/Plumber - Mike Taylor
Construction Specialist - Matt Taylor
Electrician 1 - Vernon Moyer
Electrician 2 - Mitch Hollifield
Men's Group Leader - Eddie Broussard
Framers - The Men's group of Trinity Fellowship - Hickory
Painter 1 - Amber Abel
Painters 2-5 The Women of Safe Harbor
Scrapers - The youth of Trinity Church - Greensboro
Material Liaison - Jeff Hines

Forgive me if I missed others - but these are those who stand out in my recollection.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In More Ways Than One

People often ask what Java Journey is. And we stammer and mumble as we try to find the words to describe this hybrid of day to day ministry via a "business."

We are a coffee shop and being such we are dependent on the element of H2O in order to operate. What does that have to do with the tea...? nevermind. I think it will click.

Our chief "M.O." is developing rapport with society in order to establish relationship and community. Once we do, we believe we are free to minister the purpose of God among the masses. We believe that folks will discover the love and grace of Jesus Christ and experience the redemptive transformation God intended for all people.

So what is Java Journey? Thanks to a book I'm reading, I can now say with confidence that we are a "Liquid Church."

Here is what Tony & Felicity Dale/George Barna have observed in the book "The Rabbit and the Elephant - Why Small is the New Big for Today's Church"
"Liquid church happens when we stop inviting others to come to church and instead we go out into every sphere of society as the Lord leads. We reach out to our neighbors or our coworkers, and instead of asking them to come to church, we get together with those people right where they live and work. In this way, segments of society that might never have experienced church life are affected by the Kingdom of God."
That's what Java Journey is!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Actually "Moving Along"

The new door is in; the sign is up and the framing is nearly completed.

It was a very joyful thing for me to hear someone energetically say at our organic gathering yesterday (which is gaining momentum itself): "This vision is becoming a reality!"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awaited Milestone

A very busy day today.

In the midst of all my activity was a phone call I received from Hickory city planning department. They called to inform me that our plans had been approved but they needed an estimate on the cost of the project. I basically wet my finger and pointed up in the air and came up with a number. They also informed me that I had to have a licensed contractor sign the application. I didn't think we needed one as I was told that only a licensed plumber and licensed electrician had to sign off on the mechanical requirements of the build out.

I called one of our friends (Matt Taylor - the worship leader at Trinity Fellowship) whose father is a licensed contractor and had looked at our space in the past to offer advice. He told me to call his father and that he would call him to let him know I would contact him. Mike (his name) agreed to sign the application and will meet me tomorrow morning at the city planning office.

So after tomorrow - we are cleared to start the major work to transform the space into an operational Coffee Shop and intentional ministry. We are rejoicing.

If you can lend your support in any way by locally volunteering, supplying materials or supporting us financially (tax deductible) we would be very grateful. Please contact one of us so we can give you further information.

Thanks and keep up your prayers. Blessings!