Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sinai Road Atlas

We're still making progress and finding timely streams of water and morsels of manna along the way. We're in good company as Israel did not have the crow-flight ability in their adventures. We still have our butts perpendicular with the ground as one foot is being placed in front of the other. And from time to time we catch ourselves bellyaching - only to wind up with providence running out of our nostrils.
Pictured with this post is the space we're currently looking at. It is less than a mile north of Starbucks and another individual coffee shop, but on the busiest road in the area. We're confident that there's enough traffic to share and that the coffee shop presence is still a ways off from a saturation point. Besides, both the aforementioned have their own limitations and we believe we have something unique to offer the culture around here. This place is about 1450 sq. ft. upstairs and has an equally sized basement. If we figure in the entire sq footage by potential, the price comes to be a little less than $7 per. But we're only going to start out with the main level. Still - under $14 is not bad. We've visited there now about 6 times. The last 2 were with contractors. Seems consistent from both of them that we've skipped a step (Gee, how could that happen being the novices we are?). We will have to contact a few of referred architects.

All this looms. That's the word. It's bigger than we are and what we have. But we really, REALLY believe that God is much bigger than this and much more. All we need is the strength, persistence, faith, patience and the intercessory power that comes from prayer. We're certainly in much more conversation that we have been our entire lives. And we depend on your help.

Thank you for all of your support.