Thursday, October 15, 2009

News from Java Journey

The Word is Spreading

One thing we have learned is that our ministry isn't necessarily going to wait until we have Java Journey up and running. It's happening now. People keep popping in to ask when the store front will open. Others are curious about the ministry. Quite a few people have inquired about jobs behind the coffee bar. In a couple of cases we were able to "hire" helpers for peanuts in order to keep the work going and help out those who are unemployed. In the process we are building bridges. That's pretty much what we are all about.

In the marketing realm of things, our exterior sign is officially up and it is drawing attention. In addition, Jeff and Teena each have magnetic Java Journey signs on the sides of their vehicles and this has captured the attention of folks. Some construction guys who saw the sign on Teena's car were ready to come down to the store and buy a coffee. We had to break the news--"Sorry, guys, you'll have to wait a little while longer."

We've also been talking with people who are in music groups who might want to perform at the coffee shop.

Ministry Happenings

* We are still holding Christian community gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:30. You are welcome to attend these informal, interactive gatherings that typically include short prayer and singing times, and a scripture based lesson that allows attendees to ask questions and share insights. We also share prayer requests.
* Teena recently attended a planning session for a birthday party for Foster children. Many Foster children have never had a birthday party. Though we don't have the free time at present to help plan this event which will be held February 5th most likely at the local YMCA, Java Journey still hopes to support this event by selling raffle tickets which will be $5 and possibly helping man booths the evening of the event.Funds collected from the raffle will help pay for this party.

How You Can Help

The opening of Java Journey is just weeks away! Thanks to everyone who has torn down walls, scraped paint off the floor, installed conduit/wiring, framed walls, put up dry wall, painted walls, reupholstered chairs and provided professional services, etc. in support of the Java Journey mission. Even during this time of renovating the space, the "spirit" of Java Journey is being experienced through building new relationships, ministering among people (in expected and unexpected ways), building of community, etc. The stories have been shared through blogs, Facebook posts, conversations as people work side-by-side, gatherings, etc. When open as a coffee shop, this mission will continue with a new chapter being written and new stories being shared as Java Journey serves our community as envisioned!

To open in November, current and new volunteers and professionals, providing services at reduced or no cost, will continue to work together to complete the build out. For those who are not able to be "physically" on-site to assist with the build out, and/or for those who have a desire to contribute beyond their labor, right now there are some immediate financial needs. We cannot do this without your help. Once open, the first two expenses listed below will be met by the coffee shop ministry. The immediate needs are:

Monthly Rent - $1,300.00
Monthly Electric - $100.00
Building Materials - $4,000
Acid Wash Stain - $500 (Lowes gift cards are great!)
Paint - $250
Food & Beverage Inventory (First Month) $1,500

If you wish to contribute financially to Java Journey please send contributions to:
Living Hope Covenant Church ("Java Journey" - memo)
c/o Dennis Cheuvront
573 30th Avenue Circle NE
Hickory, NC 28601

or you can pay online via Pay Pal by going to

All contributions are tax deductible through Living Hope Covenant Church. Additionally, contributions may be made anonymously, at the request of the donor. If you know of someone who might be interested in investing or knowing more about Java Journey, please encourage them to contact Dennis Cheuvront at or 828.270.9877. If you cannot contribute financially at this time, please continue to pray for the ministry.

We also have an Wish List contributors can help with. To view the most current list

Thank you and God Bless
Jeff and Teena Stewart and the rest of the Java Journey Ministry Gang