Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Training Day

This Saturday (December 8th) we will be learning the operation of the Espresso machine we are purchasing from Shawn West (of Coffee That Cares). The brand is "Azkoyen" (From Spain) and the model is "Xpression." From doing online research, I've discovered that the system is fully automatic. At the push of a button you can get cappuccino, latte, warm milk, steamed milk or just coffee (weak, strong or "white" - whatever that is). I saw an article that mentioned this machine entitled: "The End of the Barista?"

It sounds like our kind of machine. Shawn has given us a full year warranty and assures us that repair is pretty basic - if you know computers and appliance systems (both of which I've tinkered with). It retails for up to $12k. I've seen it listed in a few places for $8k. That's just the machine. Shawn will sell the machine with a milk refrigerator and a ceramic cup warmer (see picture) for $5.5k.

We've both prayed about it and feel that we can purchase this to build the rest of the ministry around it. We figure if we can create good lattes, then we'll put other pieces together as we progress - even other people we can train to operate the system.

Another step toward our vision. We're pumped - needless to say.


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