Friday, December 28, 2007

Day Two

Jeff is asked at about 2 AM to take Jackie (our 12-year old Scottie) outside because she's wondering around the hotel room. Maybe she needs to do her business. So Jeff gets up, puts on some jeans, shoes and a coat; grabs the leash and heads out into the Flagstaff, AZ night.

The air bites like he hasn't felt it in awhile. Perhaps being in the Bay Area over the past 6+ years had made him forget what anything below 35 degrees feels like. The dog only wants to sniff where others of her kind have been. So both head back to the room. At 6:30 am the ritual is repeated, only this time more successfully. "Man! How different the air feels from anything in the past few years."

Teena and Jeff head east on I-40 toward New Mexico at about 7:15 and turn on the radio. A station giving Arizona current temperatures includes Flagstaff and announces a reading of 2 degrees. It has probably been nearly 10 years since we both felt that.

Today was intended to be a relatively short trip (4 hours) so that we may spend time with Noah and Rachel in Albuquerque. Teena wanted to see the Petrified Forest National Park, so we took an hour-long diversion to see a government protected lot of land that looked like the surface of Mars.

We get to Albuquerque at 1:15, meet Noah and Rachel and have an enjoyable lunch near our hotel.

We wanted to do something for the afternoon, so we agreed to find the "Rattlesnake Museum" listed in the front of the Yellow Pages. It turned out to be in a section called "Old Town" which had many shops and sidewalk vendors. After seeing many versions of American rattlesnakes, we walked the shops and enjoyed a Mexican dinner in a local restaurant.

We concluded the night by watching a couple of movies in their room. We will breakfast together in the morning and head to our separate destinations before the morning is half way gone.

It is great to see them and they look very happy.


Mo said...

Hi Guys,

I am pretty sure that I would be frozen solid in 2 degree weather!!!!

Is Jackie getting any better as a cross country passanger? How are you liking the dog friendly hotels?

We saw your ABF truck make it's way down Hastings on Wed. We waved so long.

Take care my friends, Mo

Dennis said...

Dear Friends,
We are praying for you daily and enjoy your blogs each night. We are excitedly awaiting your arrival in North Carolina. Press On!!:)

In His Service,
Jeannie and Dennis

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

Hi Teena and Jeff! I'm praying for you right now. Hope you're having a good day and that the miles are flying by.


Different Cloth said...

Hey Mo! Jackie got into the routine of everything by the 2nd day. The first night, we didn't set up her kennel and she wondered around aimlessly. Teena told me to set it up and it was like a valium for her.

That would be our truck all right. Not many of those going down Hastings very often, eh? I'll bet that stop sign at Capitol put our tie-downs to the test.

Different Cloth said...

Thanks Dennis and Jeannie, We're here now. I'll make sure we connect to get together after the holidays.


Different Cloth said...

Thanks Leanne! It's working.