Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day Four

Jeff forgot to mention that when Teena described the peculiar trees she had seen in the Arizona desert (see Day 1) Noah had a name for the tree--the Joshua Tree which she now foggily remembers hearing about somewhere before. You can find out more:

As we've traversed east, we've watched the terrain change gradually from the plains of Oklahoma (which had more trees than Teena expected and some lovely horse farms) to the tree lined placid lakes and streams of Arkansas to the more familiar forresty terrain of Tennessee. (It's starting to look more like NC.) Teena drove through Memphis which was a bit more Las Vegas looking than expected with even a pyramid type of building.

Except for a stomach bug which Teena picked up and which has remained somewhat manageable forcing her to make only one unplanned pit stop, we are doing well. Hopefully she'll be feeling more herself by tomorrow. Jeff stopped at WalMart in Arkansas to pickup some Pepto Bismol and came out with glazed eyes. "It's a whole different culture in there." (Evidently all the motorized carts were in use by obese women buying junk food.)

Liz Tognoli called to see how we and Jackie are doing. Jackie's adjusted fairly well since the initial barf-in-the-car-on-the-dog-rug incident. She's learned to hold it indefinitely and to go at the end of the leash. Her only protest is dumping her food bowl, even after we stopped and bought more enticing food. Oh well. I guess it's her way of letting us know she's pretty bored with the drudgery of sitting in the back seat. Last night as a treat we picked up a stick during her evening constitutional and let her bring it inside. She was very happy chomping away.


Debbie said...

If only we were happy with a stick to chomp on, or in Cosmo's case a new toy to squeak and keep others from getting it! I hope Teena's travel bug has moved on as you two should now be in NC. I finally sat down and read all the blogs...interesting events and happenings in the lives of people we care dearly about. We look forward to 2008 with our focus on the future and what interesting things God has in store for all of us this coming year. Luv yas, Debbie

Different Cloth said...

Hey Debbie, give Cosmo a firm pat on the head. Teena must have had a slight food situation as she was over it this morning when we left. We'll keep everyone informed. It's very - well - no other word to describe "Adventurous"