Thursday, September 17, 2009

In More Ways Than One

People often ask what Java Journey is. And we stammer and mumble as we try to find the words to describe this hybrid of day to day ministry via a "business."

We are a coffee shop and being such we are dependent on the element of H2O in order to operate. What does that have to do with the tea...? nevermind. I think it will click.

Our chief "M.O." is developing rapport with society in order to establish relationship and community. Once we do, we believe we are free to minister the purpose of God among the masses. We believe that folks will discover the love and grace of Jesus Christ and experience the redemptive transformation God intended for all people.

So what is Java Journey? Thanks to a book I'm reading, I can now say with confidence that we are a "Liquid Church."

Here is what Tony & Felicity Dale/George Barna have observed in the book "The Rabbit and the Elephant - Why Small is the New Big for Today's Church"
"Liquid church happens when we stop inviting others to come to church and instead we go out into every sphere of society as the Lord leads. We reach out to our neighbors or our coworkers, and instead of asking them to come to church, we get together with those people right where they live and work. In this way, segments of society that might never have experienced church life are affected by the Kingdom of God."
That's what Java Journey is!

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