Friday, September 25, 2009

Great People

How blessed we are with the new friends we have made. In another context of "building" I would merely consider the people who are involved on a professional level as - well "mere professionals."

But God has brought some special folks our way who possess gifts and talents that are enhancing the actuality of our vision and dream.

Here (in cinematic format) are the names of some great people.

Architect - Ed Lunow
Contractor/Plumber - Mike Taylor
Construction Specialist - Matt Taylor
Electrician 1 - Vernon Moyer
Electrician 2 - Mitch Hollifield
Men's Group Leader - Eddie Broussard
Framers - The Men's group of Trinity Fellowship - Hickory
Painter 1 - Amber Abel
Painters 2-5 The Women of Safe Harbor
Scrapers - The youth of Trinity Church - Greensboro
Material Liaison - Jeff Hines

Forgive me if I missed others - but these are those who stand out in my recollection.

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