Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to CA

We just returned from Jordan's Graduation in CA. Couldn't wish that long trip on anyone. Talk about jet lag. Teena never could sleep on a plane.

Jordan now has BSGSP, a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming. Up until just a few days before graduation he had no place to live and we were teetering with anxiety, even called some friends in Benicia to see if they could be a temp residence if nothing worked out. But as always, God came through at the last minute exceedingly above all we ask or think. God provided a friend in Redwood City who is in the military and has an efficiency apartment. So the afternoon of graduation we moved Jordan into Eric's apartment (that's Eric looking like Secret Service). Jordan planned to stay the weekend with friends in Vallejo which is near Benicia so we were en route back in that direction in our borrowed car and had just split off from him to take Gaby back to her place when he called us to tell us he had a literal blow out (not a grad party). This car is Nissan that was donated to him and it was working fine until the past month when suddenly two major things went wrong. He had to sink $1500 into it to replace the catalytic converter and then 3 days later transmission. And the tires were retreads. Evidently a tread separated. He was fine and we drove back to where he was on the busy 880 freeway south of Oakland He sat there as cars whizzed by until AAA could put the car on a tow bed, get to a safe location and change the tire. Then he had to pay another $300+ for new tires. All he needs now is a job :). He is interviewing today for a game testing position with Namco (creators of Pac Man) after posting his resume on Craigslist yesterday. Please pray for him because he only has a small window before his reserve funds run out and his loan payments begin.

We are proud of him. He's grown into a very independent young man and his faith in God remains strong. I joked with him that people would die for a job where they play games all day. He promptly informed me that it probably wouldn't be that glamorous and that he would most likely be testing the same thing over and over ad nauseam. Anyway, that's the latest on Jordan. Latest on coffee shop. Still waiting on BB&T bank. Called and rattled their cage yesterday. This is a real test of patience.

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