Thursday, June 26, 2008

We wish that we could...

Staples is very clever with the "easy button" hook. But we've discovered that there is no such button that can be conveniently pushed when pursuing a dream that has business and ministry intergrated with limited resources.

We looked at the newly available property on "127 Hwy" (as we heart of America folks would say). It has great potential, but needs plenty of elbow grease to get it in shape. No build-out and perhaps a month free of setting up.

Yikes! Could we afford to not "work" and live off of some of the reserve intended to fund this while we sweat it out cleaning and setting up? Will we be able to put forth a convincing business plan to secure a substantial loan? Will others help us?

Since we cannot push the four white letters on red background to streamline the whole process, I guess we'll just have to resort to - ah - that thing called prayer which necessitates faith.

Join us, will you? - with prayer and help. We need both big time.


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