Monday, April 7, 2008

So. What's the Latest?

If you wonder why the delay in posting, we assure you we've been very busy. We've been doing a lot of plate spinning, still getting settled in our new home, managing the storage rental facility for part-time income, Jeff doing games, Teena working on new book manuscripts and reseaching all of the coffee shop ins and outs. Here's the Reader's Digest Condensed version of everything that's happened.

We had what we feel was a pivitol meeting with Rusty Shields of the Shields Foundation, a local Christian business entity dedicated to helping launch and fund charitable businesses. We are not sure how this will turn out but good things have come from it already. One of the most important, is the decision to move from the non-profit model we were trying to make work (and which wasn't for a variety of reasons) to the Charitable Business model. This gives us much more freedom to do what we want to do and stay out of trouble with the IRS. With the Charitable Business model there is a governing Board that oversee operations and how charitable funds are spent. And we determine to give a percentage of what we earn through coffee shop sales to charities. How much and to whom is up to us.

We've been doing lots of networking, meeting with a variety of pastors who lean more toward out-of-the-box ministry, plus a variety of other people connected with out type of ministry in some way. They seem to be seeking us out more than us seeking them. We are still wondering how God will put all of these pieces together and are waiting on His timing and guidance.

We've also worked hard at looking at prospective locations. Lots to choose from but we want to be sure to select the right place in order to ensure our survival. In addition, we've been locating suppliers and think we've found a couple of good ones for coffee. Each week moves us closer to pulling it all together. The business plan is still being hammered out. Once we finish that, we feel we can move ahead with a loan.

In the mean time, we've felt God urging us to start our community, though we don't yet have a retail location. First week will start this coming Sunday. The post above tells more about that venture.

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